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Illusion of Choice

January 20, 2018

**This blog is simply my interpretation of choice, not fact or exact science. I'm observing and reporting my perspective.**


All the pain, sweat, tears and years of work can't stop me from doing something when it's worth it. That is what the project has been to me. Over the last three years, it's been the joy of my life and a pain in my ass.

Illusion of Choice is a concept show for a live magic performance. A fun engaging experience meant to provoke the viewers subconscious and consider the weight a simple choice like buying vegetables or a gallon of ice cream. Why are you making this choice and are you really making it? All this blended into an interactive magic experience. It's a magic play, I call a magical (Instead of a musical). A story interpreted through drama and magic.


Think about the last choice you made, which was to read this. Why did you do it? Why did someone else not read this? Which in turn raises millions of other questions. As more scientists do the extremely important work on figuring out whether this universe or existence is a hologram or a computer simulation running its course raises the problem that can cause our psyche to go crazy. If we are a hologram all our choices are predetermined by the self we are reflecting. If we are a simulation then our path is written no matter what. Why do choices we make feel so genuine when in many cases it could be proven to be an illusion?


In 1969 Edward Lorenz describes a phenomenon known as the Butterfly effect. His theory states that a hurricane like storm could form from the flapping of a butterflies wing miles away and even days ago. I find it amazing that something so small could be a part of something so big. I believe the theory is saying that every action we take, every choice we make matters. The smallest of actions can lead to the biggest of storms in the future.


Knowing this leaves us in a constant state of phobia to make choices. But in the larger scheme of things our choices aren't so much the problem as the reason why we make some of the choices. As important as it is,  the voting process is a huge illusion. The constant vague descriptions of propositions, amendment, and laws. The pointing fingers of blame to the oppositions who are doing the exact same thing. All there as a distraction to keep the people inline, happy and feeding the machine system. Every time I see things like this it just looks like an elaborate illusion or magic trick. I can never unsee it either... it's a curse and a blessing all at once.


It may seem like a conspiracy theory or something far-fetched, but being a person that deals with deception and illusion on a regular basis I can spot it pretty easily when I see it. This goes for any person that is an expert in their field. When you do something long enough you see glimpses of it everywhere. An engineer can spot flaws in a design much easier and quicker than the non-engineer can. A DJ or musician can hear flaws in musical composition before I could.


So how can we prevent our choices from becoming hurricanes? I think that sometimes we can't, for the simple fact that we're not able to see into the future. We can guess and predict based on patterns but we may never know for sure. What we can do is be more conscious of our choices and why we are making them rather than choosing blindly and aimlessly.


Educate yourself on the things you read and the things you buy. How often have you bought something or did anything just because someone told you to? You have the choice to say no, but at that moment you didn't and then what did that choice lead to? Now think of how many times someone made you choose without you even knowing it, chances are you can't cause you didn't know it was happening.  If you think you've never been victim to this trust me when I write, you have. We've all been victim to it and will be again and again. The only reason I know that this is true because I can do it. If I can do it, then so can millions of others and some of them aren't as nice as I am.


In conclusion, inform yourself to make strong and wise choices and live every day like it's your last.

Having expressed my opinion, I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you at one of the shows in the near future.




Orlando Magician




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